Readathon 2016 - Bookish Childhoods Mini-Challenge

So for this little challenge I have to name 5 childhood memories and the books and people they're linked to. 


1. The first time I saw an author read from his own book was in my little home town. Margret Rettich and her husband Rolf, author's and illustrators of lots and lots of children's books were in our local town hall and read from ... I don't know which book it was, anymore, but I still have a few of their books and still love them and it was GREAT!


2. Pettersen and Findus by Sven Nordqvist. I loved the stories of that old, strange guy and his cat. And there was a book about things they do in their garden, including planting herbs and watching worms or insects and I loved doing it. 


3. Harry Potter, of couse. I don't know if it was the third or the fourth book, but one year I actually was there, at midnight, standing in line to be one of the first to get the new book. With a wizard's hat on my head. Yep. Aren't we all Potter heads? Of course I realize that I could have gotten a book at a normal time, as well. It was never sold out. But still ... I'm happy my parents let me go and joined me. 


4. There is another rather 'huge' children's book author in Germany. Well, there are many. But Bianka Minte-König wrote many books for girls somewhere between 10 and 14 and I loved them. AND she is a professor at one of the universities of my home town - okay, the next city close to my little village, but I went to school there and now study there, so it is my home town anyways. I plan on taking one of her classes because I adored her books that much and they helped me growing up. 

5. Okay, not so much a childhood memory anymore, but the books are for teens (or rather, they're all agers). With Tommy Krappweis' Mara und der Feuerbringer-trilogy (Mara and the Fire Bringer) I met so many nice people, was allowed to have a scene in a movie! (It was in the cinemas, but my scene was cut out. Good thing, coz I sucked :D - Still, I had a scene in the same movie as BILLY BOYD!) So it's the one book in my life I would not want to miss, if I got money for it. 


6. Bonus memory: The never ending story by Michael Ende. Becauuuuse I was in the Bavaria movie studios as a child and I was allowed to have a ride on the dragon. I don't know it's english name, for us he's called Fuchur. And I sat on him!!! Okay, it's rather common, as he's part of the studio tour, but I LOVED it!


See you next challenge


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