Eine Doctor Who-Fanfiction in Liedform




Thoughts of a rose


Once again we're standing on this beach,

but this time I' ve got no idea, why.

How could I guess, you're leaving?

Once again you say good-bye.



I fought so long

to get back to you.

But you run away from us,

like you always do.

This time it's even worse.

How can I love this clone?

I'd prefer to be with you,

or to be left on my own.


You're both the same, identical

that's what you try to tell me.

You look alike but different to me,

how can this be?


Can he show me the stars?

Can he turn back the time?

Can he stay young while being oh so old?

He'll never be you, never be mine.




I need a Doctor to hold me.

He can't do anything of what you can.

I just want to be with my Time Lord,

not with this clone, this human man.




So I'll stay here, alone,

because the universe closed the gate.

I'm left in my desperation.

Is this supposed to be my fate?