Just give me one last day,

one last smile,

stay with me,

let us talk a little while.

Give me one last glance

of your chocolate eyes.

Tell me all aspects of our friendship

weren´t just lies.



It seems like

today is our last day.

And you won´t give me

just a second to say

how thankful I am

for all these years.

For all the times you dried

my uncried tears.






You became my best friend,

eventhough that wasn´t planned,

gave me strenght and hope,

and now all this will end?

If only you could

see my heart and read my mind.

So everything will be said until

we leave this time behind.






Thank you so much,

because you saved my life

in so many different ways.

I wish you all the best,

a really wonderful life, while I

won´t forget those days.